The Living Room

If you are interested in studying the Bible, contact Darcy or Adam. They are looking to start a study with anyone interested. If you would like to meet them first, please feel free to e-mail them. Either person would be more than willing to meet you for coffee or hot cocoa and a chat.

Recent News

Our NEW LifeHouse Youth Group is LAUNCHED!

With Walnut Creek’s help, LifeHouse Church now has a YOUTH GROUP!  Our initial plan is to meet monthly most likely on Wednesdays.  Be in prayer for these teens to set the right course for future youth groups.  Keep in mind that there’s a Teen conference the first weekend in May!

Upcoming Events

Future Sunday's

4/27 Bob will share on Mark 11:27-12:34- the four questions

5/4  Tim will share on Mark 12:35-13:37 - the four teachings

Dells LT

Get a job and get more of Jesus in your life at this summer long Leadership Training program. Anyone willing to work and seek God can participate! Find out more here.

Celebrate Recovery

On Friday May 2, CR will celebrate its one year anniversary with a special speaker from Dubuque who is an overcomer of depression. You gotta hear this story of faith and victory!  Ask Tina or Bob for details.

CR is a Christ-based recovery program for addictions of every type. Meets every Friday night at 7pm at 1st Lutheran Church in the fireside room. Ask Tina or Bob for details.

Better Together – Walnut Creek Parent Teen Mission Trip

Walnut Creek Church, Johnston location is at it again!  They helped us distribute Easter packs to every home in Decorah and now they are coming to help us make an impact for Christ during the Winneshiek county fair from Thursday, July 10 to Sunday, July 13 . 

Here’s how they are promoting it:  An epic journey of diving deep into a closer relationship with Jesus, our Parents, our Children and one another.  Hence  "BETTER TOGETHER"!  An adventure of: canoeing down the Upper Iowa River, taking an excursion to one of Laura Ingalls Wilder's Homes, fishing for trout in Iowa's great fishing streams,   worshiping God next to a raging bon fire, sleeping under the stars, mountain biking on Iowa's most scenic trails and attending one of Iowa's great county fairs.