The Living Room

If you are interested in studying the Bible, contact Darcy or Adam. They are looking to start a study with anyone interested. If you would like to meet them first, please feel free to e-mail them. Either person would be more than willing to meet you for coffee or hot cocoa and a chat.

Upcoming Events

Future Sunday's

3/22 Bob - Discovering Your SHAPE - Personality PART 2

3/29 Tim - Discovering Your SHAPE - Experiences PART 1

4/5 Easter Sunday

Nepal Fundraiser Update

God has miraculously raised allt he money that we need for the Nepal mission trip. Our target city has changed from Kathmandu to Dangadhi. The dates of the trip are March 12th through the 22nd. Stay in serious prayer for our safety and sucess in leading people to Christ!

Woman's Bible Study

Sara Bauer is starting a woman's bible study at her house ( 402 South Ave ) going over the Begin, Grow, and Mature in Christ series. Every Tuesday at 7:30pm

Special Upcoming Events!

Easter Sunday is April 5th

GCLI is Saturday April 25th

LifeHouse's 5 year anniversary celebration is Sunday May 3rd

Noon Bible Study's

Noon study's are held over the lunch hour, Wednesday's at GamesXP and Friday's at Bob Hibbing's house (911 Vernon )

Luther Campus Bible Study
We meet every Wednesday from 9-10pm at Marty's  to discuss the book of James.

There are no upcoming events to display. Please check back soon!