The Living Room

If you are interested in studying the Bible, contact Darcy or Adam. They are looking to start a study with anyone interested. If you would like to meet them first, please feel free to e-mail them. Either person would be more than willing to meet you for coffee or hot cocoa and a chat.

Upcoming Events

Future Sunday's

7/27 Tim Ephesians 4:20-24 -  “Put on Christ” - Unity II

8/3   Bob Ephesians 4:20-24 -  “Put on Christ” – Fitting Speech (saying what you mean, meaning what you say)

Northern Lights Soccer Program running strong!

Our third annual soccer program is well under way.  Please pray for the success of this program.  Any new kids can join at any time for a pro-rated amount.

Summary Fair Report

The last minute “fun photo booth” was quite successful with a report that the fair board put pictures of it on their website.

The Bible quiz spin wheel and the face painting continued to be our most successful activities.

Hundreds of lives were touched, the gospel was verbally shared at least 10 times, 5 individuals/ families expressed strong interest in coming to church.

Walnut Creek’s youth group were a tremendous help with the 6am trash detail and LifeHouse’s youth group were incredible with the 3pm trash detail.

Walnut Creek shared the gospel and passed out tracts on Friday night.

May the Norske be with you!

We’ve been asked if we could rally some servants to help with the lefsa booth.  Please RSVP to Tim to volunteer for any or all of these hours:

Friday July 25th   7-9:30 p.m. (need seven)

Saturday July 26th   11am - 1:30pm (could use a few)  And  1:30-4pm (need eight)

The organizer says she is desperate for help and would be so grateful if we could help in this way.  She needs to know how many spots we can fill sooner than later.

There are no upcoming events to display. Please check back soon!